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Cakes Are Always Fresh

Pastry cabinets, which are indispensable for patisserie businesses, offer ideal solutions for displaying and storing cakes. Cake cabinets, which have flat glass or curved glass options, have different operating systems, including internal motor (plug-in) or external motor (remote). Internal motor systems operate with the motor located inside the cabinet and are operated directly by plugging in without the need for an additional motor group. In remote systems, the motor is located outside, which provides more storage space inside the cabinet. Having the motor group outside the cabinet produces less heat and prevents noise pollution within the facility. Pastry cabinets provide ideal temperature and humidity levels to maintain the lasting freshness of cakes. In addition, it reduces operating costs with low energy consumption, while its silent operation increases the comfort of customers. Thanks to their long-lasting structure, they can be used safely for many years. Cake cabinets, which are both an aesthetic and functional option for patisserie businesses, provide great convenience in displaying products and presenting them to customers.