As Rencold, we take the necessary steps to maximize the economic, social and environmental results of all our production and supply processes and ensure the continuity of these results; We aim to create sustainable value in everything we do together with our employees, customers, suppliers and all our stakeholders.

  • As Rencold, we fully comply with legal requirements in all our activities.


  • We see the environment as our most valuable treasure and believe that nature and the environment should be protected in the best possible way in order to provide a healthier life for the future.

  • With our understanding of sustainable environment and energy, we work to leave a clean and livable world to future generations.


  • In line with our social responsibility, we continue our work with an environmental management system based on the development of environmental awareness and the protection of natural resources in order to create a more livable world.


  • By constantly renewing our technology, we strive to protect water resources with a minimum consumption target.


  • We save money by recycling wastewater and rainwater and using energy efficiently.

  • The basic principle of our company is “not to purify, but not to pollute at all” in order to achieve the goal of zero waste/zero loss.